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Capstone Learning, the exclusive Kaplan Certified Education Provider in Saudi Arabia, excels in delivering Kaplan Test Prep Programs and Admissions Consulting Services that guarantee measurable results. We offer comprehensive services including:


• SAT® (Undergraduate)

• GMAT® (Business school)

• GRE® (Graduate school)

• TOEFL® (English language)

• IELTS® (English language)

• General English Course (GEC)

• Admissions Consulting (Bachelors, Masters, PhD)


We create customized programs for schools with the flexibility of training their students during or after school hours, including in-person, online and hybrid options.


Our high-quality practice tests, extensive online study resources, and Kaplan-Certified instructors ensure students achieve their full potential. With proven strategies and cutting-edge tools like Smart Reports®, our tailored courses have consistently produced remarkable score improvements.


Over 3000 Saudi students have taken advantage of our exemplary test prep services and achieved phenomenal increases The average score increases that our Saudi students have achieved have been phenomenal. An increase of 12 percent in each section on the GMAT and GRE, a 175 increase in the SAT, 1 band score increase on the IELTS, and a 15 point increase on the TOEFL.


Our specialization in admissions consulting, headed by our team of previous Harvard interviewers and experts, has assisted thousands of Saudi students gain acceptance into prestigious universities worldwide pursuing majors such as Engineering, Architecture, Business, Education, Medicine and much more. A few examples of universities that we’ve gotten Saudi students into are:


• Harvard University

• MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

• Cornell University

• Princeton University

• University of Pennsylvania


Our deep understanding of the academic needs of Saudi students, combined with our robust track record of success, makes Capstone Learning the trusted partner in educational excellence and advancement.

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