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Educational Esports Sponsor

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EStars is the multi-award winning global leader in educational esports, with three distinct services which bridge the gap between gaming and education.

EStars are the only independent entity in the MENA region delivering International BTEC qualifications in esports, accredited by world education leaders, Pearson Education.  These qualifications enables students to learn about the business of esports, gaining valuable credentials and laying the foundation for future careers in this multi-billion dollar industry.

The second pillar of EStars is the design and building of futuristic Immersive Learning Spaces and high-end gaming rooms for schools and universities. These cutting-edge spaces are constructed to transform and elevate the learning experience of students.

The third element of  EStars is the award winning online esports platform tailored to students aged 6-14 years. This platform provides a safe and engaging environment where children can explore and participate in esports, nurturing key skills, such as creativity, leadership and strategic thinking.

EStars are proud to work with prestigious entities to facilitate Vision2030, The National Gaming Strategy and other global Government initiatives.

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