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Since 2007, Extramarks is revolutionizing K-12 education by offering new-age education-technology solutions to create an engaging, learner-centric teaching-learning environment within and outside the classrooms. Extramarks EdTech ecosystem empowers and offers seamless support to key stakeholders- learners, teachers, parents, and school administrators, for:

  • effective teaching and learning through best-in-class, technology-enabled teaching and learning tools;

  • efficient management of learner assessments with advanced auto-marking, proctoring, and reporting capabilities;

  • seamless teacher-learner-parent collaboration; and

  • advanced reporting and analytics to track academic progress of learners.

Extramarks is the first EdTech company to empower parents as key partners in the learners’ academic journey, so they can make collaborative efforts out of their busy work schedules and provide meaningful support to their children’s academic progress with the Extramarks Parent App- anytime, anywhere! Extramarks’ innovative ecosystem also enables teachers to auto-record and share recordings of their classroom lectures with the learners for effective after-school revision and home learning.

With its learner-centric approach and 360-degree teaching and learning solutions, Extramarks has transformed over 15,000 schools into efficient, engaging, and dynamic learning environment across the Middle East, Africa, India, and South-East Asia, connecting over 10 million learners and 300,000 teachers in its EdTech ecosystem through this journey.

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