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Lawazen is thrilled to join the Saudi SMART School Conference, representing Trotec laser machines and introducing the innovative Trotec Education Program. With a focus on revolutionizing education through laser technology, we're dedicated to providing tailored solutions for academic institutions. Our commitment is evident in the specialized samples and materials we're preparing specifically for the education sector, ranging from architectural models to laser-engraved denim jeans. These samples will showcase the versatility and practical applications of Trotec machines in classrooms and workshops.

During the conference, attendees will learn about the Trotec Education Program, offering educators the opportunity to participate in free Professional Development (PD) days at our Trotec showroom in Riyadh. Our goal is to demonstrate how Trotec laser technology can enhance learning experiences, inspire creativity, and empower educators to integrate cutting-edge technology into their curriculum. We look forward to collaborating with the conference team and making a significant impact at the Saudi SMART School Conference.

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