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StuDIYo Lab stands as the UAE's pioneering woodworking and design technology hub, dedicated to children aged 5 years and above. Our center offers a diverse array of workshops in woodworking and design technology projects, reverse engineering, metal casting and 3D printing; each meticulously crafted to foster creativity and problem-solving skills in young minds. Central to our philosophy is the belief in hands-on learning, where children actively engage in practical making to develop essential skills. We are committed to providing a safe environment, ensuring all tools and materials are child-friendly. Our activities are designed to be not only educational but also enjoyable, offering children a sense of pride and achievement upon completion. We strive to create an immersive learning experience that equips children with the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed for the iterative process of "MAKING". At StuDIYo Lab, we inspire young learners to explore their creativity, instilling a lifelong love for craftsmanship and innovation.

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