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Teach East is at the forefront of education recruitment/HR services in the GCC, partnering with hundreds of prestigious international schools across the Middle and Far East. Crafted with two decades of unmatched expertise, Teach East introduces an innovative platform designed to transform how schools manage and streamline their recruitment processes - all with a single click.


Recruitment Specialists

We’re experts in recruiting quality teachers from around the world, including the UK, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more. From Early Years through to Further Education, we cover all levels from teaching assistants through to management roles.


Teach East Portal

Teach East's Ai-Safer Recruitment Portal, powered by award-winning AI, revolutionises school recruitment by offering a comprehensive, efficient solution. It simplifies the recruitment workflow, enhances safety practices, and manages applications across individual schools or school groups from a single dashboard. The portal facilitates data tracking and analysis, ensuring a streamlined process that complies with the highest safety and efficiency standards. It serves as a pivotal tool for educational institutions, addressing recruitment challenges and empowering candidates with real-time updates and data management. Additionally, it provides AI-driven insights and visa support, making educational recruitment more accessible and empowering for both schools and candidates.

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